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Tiny House, BIG City

Find out why you should vote in the LA2050 grants challenge for the Patrick McCaffrey foundation! VOTE NOW - https://challenge.la2050.org/entry/how-we-can-use-tiny-houses-to-make-a-big-impact-on-housing-affordability-in-los-angeles-

How Supporting Affordable Housing in LA can Impact the Entire Country

A dynamic trio of organizations are joining forces to make a big impact on affordable housing in greater Los Angeles area. The LATCH Collective, Makes A Village and the Patrick McCaffrey Foundation are collaborating to win the LA2050 Grants Challenge for innovative projects that can help shape a better LA. They will use these funds to help open a Housing Lab warehouse for co-builging tiny homes, where any can attend educational workshops which develop building skills, knowledge and empower people in DIY projects and tiny homebuilding. Funds will also be used to start a housing cooperative, and buy land for a tiny house village focused on housing veterans! 

Voting Open Until 10/28! Anyone in US can Vote!

This financial gain will also support advocacy efforts to increase options for alternative & affordable housing in LA, including tiny homes!

This is an incredible opportunity for not only Southern California, but all those desiring advances in the ability to live in a tiny home legally and to create innovative model tiny house communities. The development of tiny houses in a major metropolitan center could act as an impressive and insightful case study for other cities across the country.

To win the LA2050 Grants Challenge, they need your help! Voting is FREE, takes less than a minute, and open to anyone across the United State. They need enough votes to reach the top ten of their category to become eligible to receive funding.

Please share this with your friends and family and ask them to VOTE. Your support will help bring an education center & workshop space for co-building tiny homes and a tiny house village to the Los Angeles!

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