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Tiny Festival Season is Here!

70 Tiny Houses, Five Festivals & One BIG Deal

Tiny House Festival Preview 2016

The Main Event

August 5-7 in Colorado Springs

The National Tiny House Jamboree is back in a big way. Team TinyX is excited to announce we'll be back too, and this time as speakers!  An estimated 40,000 people attended last year's historic debut event. Tiny house community leaders, builders & enthusiasts came together to celebrate the dynamic, blossoming tiny house movement. 

This is the premier tiny house movement event.

What to Expect:

  • Over 40 tiny houses!!!

  • Hands-on workshops, educational seminars & advocacy meetings

  • 22 inspiring speakers 

  • Colorado debut of Minimalism

  • Premier of Living Tiny Legally, part 1 (to be confirmed)

  • Tiny house industry vendors for all your tiny needs

  • Food trucks, wine + brews

  • Free camping (limited availability)

  • And much more! 

1/2 Off Deal! Weekend Pass PLUS Special Edition T-Shirt Available for a $25 Donation to our Documentary

Sign up to volunteer for sweet exclusive perks! Sign up here. 

For a sneak peek of the inspiring & fun community vibes you can expect, check out our short videos below.

Did You Know?

We recently sat down with Eco Cabins CEO and founder of the Tiny House Jamboree, Darin Zaruba for an in-depth discussion on demystifying building codes and zoning. He expertly explained how they need to work together to create ideal legal placement of tiny houses. EcoCabins is working on an IRC and ANSI compliant tiny house model. Stay tuned to learn more!

a look inside eco Cabins bunkaboose tiny house model during interview with CEO, Darin zaruba

a look inside eco Cabins bunkaboose tiny house model during interview with CEO, Darin zaruba

See you at the Jam! Day 1, Main Stage @ 4:45 PM

OUr tiny Home on the road in Colorado #TinyX

OUr tiny Home on the road in Colorado #TinyX

Learning on the Road

July 22-24 in Birmingham, AL 

The Tiny House Roadshow is a top-notch tiny house trade show. The Birmingham show marks their second traveling Roadshow event, featuring industry leaders & exhibitors and from across the nation showing the latest in tiny home construction, technology, and features.

What to Expect:

  • Tiny houses on display!

  • Tiny house manufacturers

  • Tiny house developments

  • Trailer manufacturers

  • Professionals in building with reclaimed materials

  • Representatives for alternative energy, financing for tiny homes, interiors, lighting, and SIP panels

Did You Know?

We visited the gorgeous 65 acre Chisel Rock property in the middle of Tennessee, owned by Dale Geist's, CEO of Tiny By Design and founder of the Tiny House Roadshow. Think Garden of the Gods. This will be the future home to a one-of-a-kind tiny home community, with THOWs, micro houses on foundation, tree houses and cliff-suspended tiny dwellings.  A perfect home for nature lovers who value seclusion and outdoor leisure time while enjoying the perks and amenities of a community environment. From affordable luxury to super high-end, off-grid or on-grid tiny and small homes; this will be a magical place to call home. 

exquisite rock formation is a small sample of the many natural wonders of chisel rock

exquisite rock formation is a small sample of the many natural wonders of chisel rock

Pioneer's Debut

July 30-31 in Metro Atlanta

Tiny House Atlanta, a pioneer in education and advocacy for the tiny house movement, is launching the first ever Decatur Tiny House Festival in partnership with the City of Decatur. This first-of-its-kind metro Atlanta event focuses on how micro housing can benefit individuals and communities in Georgia, and part of the event proceeds will go to the Decatur Housing Initiatives Corporation – a non-profit dedicated to developing affordable housing in Decatur.

What to Expect:

  • 10-15 tiny houses!

  • Tiny house community speaker symposium 

  • Vendors explaining & promoting sustainable practices 

  • And more!

Did You Know? 

Currently Tiny House Atlanta, Southface and The American Tiny House Association are working with the city to put together a study on how Atlanta and major metropolitan cities can embrace tiny housing and the micro living movement. 

Tiny House Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to educating and helping individuals, groups and cities embrace the tiny house movement and its positive effects on strengthening communities and aiding to create walkableand sustainable neighborhoods. 

Discover & Learn

June 25-26 in Columbia, MO

The first-ever COMO Tiny Home Fest is bringing together industry experts and builders to educate both the tiny-curious and the Columbia city officials. The city is eager to learn more about tiny housing, firsthand, to further their initial exploration of how they might forge a legal avenue for tiny housing in Columbia.

What to Expect:

  • 15-20 tiny houses!

  • Inspirational speakers, major movers & shakers in the movement

  • And more!

Special promotion! 50% locals discount for TinyHouseBuild.com Workshop in St. Louis, MO:

Did You Know?

Tiny House Expedition recently joined Missouri American Tiny House Association State Chapter Leader, Shed Easy CEO & founder of Tiny Home Fest, Steve Eidson for KBIA public radio interview. Our interview on our tiny living experience and the upcoming Fest will be featured on KBIA's Thinking Out Loud tonight at 6:30 pm. Stay tuned!

The Retreat

September 16-18 in Orleans, VT

The Diedricksen brothers of Relaxshacks & Tiny House Builders fame, are at again, taking the tiny house workshop to whole another level of radness at their fourth Tiny House Summer Camp. This is an immersive three-day event of skill-building, networking and good times around the campfire. All builds have emphasis on collaborative art & decor plus salvage construction. 

The Summer Camp takes places on 10 private, off-grid acres, featuring ten tiny cabins, shelters, funky shacks and tree houses.

"THINK and design outside the box while BEING outside the box." 

What to Expect:

  • Hands-on building & design with eight pro instructors

  • Multiple projects/ builds in different phases

  • Live demos

  • Bonfire discussions

  • Live music

  • Ghost night hikes

  • And more!

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP 3- Sept 18-20th 2015- hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen, with TONS of other builders, speakers, demos, and more! At "Tiny House Summer Camp" (tm), the attendees participate in group designs and builds over a 3-4 day period- complete with camping on site.

Fall Preview

November 18-20 in St. Augustine, FL

The Florida Tiny House Festival is brought to you organizers of the Georgia Tiny House Festival. There will be a large assortment of tiny houses, workshops, inspirational speakers, entertainment, and more!  

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (HGTV's "Tiny House Builders, author of "Microshelters", and host of the upcoming show "The Micromen") talks about his involvement in the FLORIDA TINY HOUSE FESTIVAL- November 18-20th, 2016, in St. Augustine, Florida. www.UnitedTinyHouse.com for more information/to get tickets

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