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HOME Tour of America

A Tiny House Expedition & Home State Apparel Collab

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

What defines home for each of us is incredibly personal and more often than not comes from a place of love. Home represents a beautiful spectrum of meanings. Each meaning is valid. Nothing is more intimate than one's home—  a place, a structure, a feeling, a state of mind.

For us, home is a sense of community. A feeling of belonging and security. A place of our own, where we can be our best selves. It's our cozy tiny home. It's simply being together.

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.
— Maya Angelo
A tour of our hand-crafted tiny house on wheels (THOW). We built it about 80% ourselves, over 9 months. We great help from friends, sponsors & mentorship from Perch & Nest, a tiny house and cottage company. Our house features many salvaged, reclaimed & repurposed materials.

Home State Apparel & Tiny House Expedition have a shared appreciation for the many meanings of home. We have joined together to bring you the HOME Tour of America YouTube series.

Where ever your adventure takes you there’s that one place that evokes a feeling of love so deep, grounded, warm and accepting that we simply call it home. Our unique line of Apparel and Home Goods seek to hold you comfortably in that home state no matter where you may be.
— Home State Apparel

As we travel the country with our tiny home, we explore the diverse landscapes and people of America to learn what makes home, home for those we meet— tiny housers, alternative dwellers, makers, and fun-loving people of all kinds.

Meet Cody, Randi & Baxter

They are the DIY tiny house on wheels behind The Best Little House in Texas. Their home was lovingly crafted with materials that represent memories and experiences of growing up and falling in love in Texas. The result, a beautifully minimal but rich living space that perfectly reflects their personalities.

They are now traveling with their tiny home for the next six months.

When you look around space, every little design of it has something to with our personalities, our passions, things we love, experiences we’ve had. So when we’re in our house together, it’s who we are.
— Cody, The Best Little House in Texas

Meet Cheyenne and Blake

This Tulsa based couple are makers & minimalists. They are creating a different kind of home, their new ticket to adventure. Their Bluebird Adventure is a skoolie in the making— converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels. Forty feet of possibilities!

Their bus sits next to Blake's shop in the backyard of their "big" 1100 square foot house. The plan is to travel & explore the country with their mobile home, but Tulsa, OK, will always hold their hearts and serve as their home base.

Meet Joe and John Everson

Western Tennessee is home the Eversons of Tennessee Tiny Homes and Tiny Happy Homes fame. They build dreams; their client's dreams. At anyone time, their shop has five to ten in-progress dreams, or hand crafted tiny homes. This is a family business deeply rooted in the western Tennessee culture. Joe & John are passionate, down to earth dreamers and makers. 

A house is made of walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams
— William Arthur Ward

Meet John

Meet John; he makes wood carved signs from his mobile shop/tiny home at fairs and festivals around Arizona and across the country. He is quirky, charming, and has an infectious laugh. John loves his work, and for him, each sign is special. He takes it to heart that his signs will be hung at his customers' homes, so John puts extra TLC into the making of each.

Meet Terri, Matthew, Liam & Asas

On a majestic mountain top in western North Carolina, sits a delightfully rustic modern cabin. This little slice of heaven is home to the Shirey family— Terri, Matthew, Liam (6) and Asa (3). Terri & Matthew have lived all over the country but feel most at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are lovers of its beauty, culture, craft & community.

Stay tuned for our next Home Tour of America video featuring Room to Spare Tiny House!

Alexis & Christian with Megan & Jeff of Room to Spare Tiny House

Alexis & Christian with Megan & Jeff of Room to Spare Tiny House

So what does home mean to you? 

Please email us your answer at info@tinyhouseexpedition.com.

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Christian on our porch at Home State apparel's HQ in Greensboro, NC

Christian on our porch at Home State apparel's HQ in Greensboro, NC