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A Very Special Tiny House Story Time with Zack Giffin & many more!

The Big Adventures of Tiny House brought to life

A charming & funny reading sure to delight tiny fans of all ages!

Join several of your favorite tiny housers from the movement and TV for a special story time of The Big Adventures of Tiny House. This is a story about an old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart – and WHEELS!

Illustration by Courtenay Fletcher

Illustration by Courtenay Fletcher

Yes, Tiny may be small, but he lives a BIG life. With the help of Big Truck, he travels thousands of miles across America, seeing the sights and attending the Tiny House Jamboree (yes, that’s a real thing – and it’s AWESOME!). Along the way, he and Big Truck make lots of new friends — like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (the houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). "The Big Adventures of Tiny House" is a story of adventure and community, and most importantly a fresh take on the meaning of home. Susan and Courtenay beautifully capture the spirit of the tiny house movement— a pioneering lifestyle centered around meaningful experiences and friendships, and adorably charming to boot. This is sure to become a classic, beloved by tiny house enthusiasts of all ages!

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Look at them on the Grand Canyon! Look they’re on the edge! They’re not even scared; that’s because they’re tiny house people. We’re not scared of edges!
— Zack Giffin, Tiny House Nation

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  • John & Fin Kernohan and Shorty Robbins, United Tiny House Association

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Written by Susan Bernardo and Illustrated by Courtenay Fletcher

Inspired by the tiny house and travels of Tiny House Expedition