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Tiny House Festival Season is Here AGAIN: 2017 Edition

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14 Events,100+ Tiny Houses

A Whole Lotta FUN

Not that long ago, experiencing a tiny house in-person was a rare occurrence. Today is flourishing era for the movement, brimming with small grass-roots, regional and national event opportunities. The next six months are jam-packed with tiny home festivals, and they are popping up all over the United States and Canada. For the most die-hard tiny fans, a giant road trip might just be in-order. Now's the time to start planning!

Here's your roadmap to these must-see events...


New Jersey Tiny House Festival

The festival wizards over at United Tiny House Association are at it again, with a brand-new event. These are the same people behind the hugely successful 60,000+ attendee 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival, and the popular annual Georgia Tiny House Festival.

The new New Jersey Tiny House Festival event is going to be HUGE! Oodles of tiny homes, high-quality entertainment, top speakers, workshops and even a Senator.

GET READY... for the 2017 New Jersey Tiny House Festival!

Unique feature:

Enjoy an aerial view of the tiny houses from a Ferris Wheel or whiz by overhead on a zip line!

Feel-good, fun fact:

The United Tiny House Association donates proceeds of their festivals to charities, non-profits and the local community.



 Ticket discounts: 

Active/retired military, law enforcement and first-responders (firefighters/EMT's) get in FREE with valid ID. Individuals 60 years and older get 50% discount at the gate.

AND Fridays are always free for students, their teachers and immediate family who pre-register on the Festival website. These are same special offers for all UTHA events.


The is a three-day celebration of tiny homes, sustainable living, and green technology in New York’s Hudson Valley. 

The festival will kick off Friday with fireworks, live music, local food trucks, and a tiny house preview, free and open to the public, hosted by the Town of New Paltz. Saturday and Sunday will be a ticketed event, and will include tiny house speakers, workshops, renewable energy exhibitors from the region, local craft vendors, and food trucks.

Special deal:

Save on a weekend pass using code: TINYLOVE. Plus with each purchase you'll be entered to win: an all-inclusive Monhonk Mountain House getaway for two, two kayaks + paddles, four free passes to Rail Explorers USA


YIMBY Tiny House Festival

There's a growing movement in Vancouver and spreading across Canada called, Park your Tiny House: Make it Legit! It began with advocacy-based Meetup group that is working to create a tiny house community on co-shared land on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. They just announced a Tiny House Festival in Vancouver that will bring together tiny home supporters to raise awareness and normalization of tiny homes. Think tiny house tours and community round table discussions. Tentative date: July 8th

Special feature:

Tiny House Expedition's tiny home showcased on Granville Island in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

More event details to come soon!


The regions longest running grassroots organized renewable energy and sustainability fair, that combines exhibits, vendors, interactive activities and outdoor fun to help us apply more sustainable habits in our daily living. Located just outside of Seattle.

This year's event will feature the creators of The Big Adventures of Tiny House, Susan Bernardo and Courtenay Fletcher, and the tiny house that inspired the book, Tiny House Expedition's DIY tiny home. Plus, the event will include a screening of the documentary, Living Tiny Legally Part 2.

Canada's first tiny house festival is back! Building on the success of its first two editions of Lantier, the festival is moving and joining forces with the Montréal Ecosphere Fair.  

This event is sponsored by Habitat Multi Generations, a non-profit developing a tiny home community called the  Lantier Sustainable Development Project (P3


The 2017 Tiny House Fest Vermont is reimagining human spaces with a community-focused advocacy and educational event in Brattleboro, VT. This is daylong downtown festival and academy featuring a tiny house village.

  • Meet tiny house designers, builders and dwellers.

  • Learn about innovations from experts and initiatives from our state officials.

  • Equip yourself with knowledge so you can build your own attainable and sustainable house.

Tennessee Tiny House Festival

Another new festival from the United Tiny House Association in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. Master of ceremonies, John Kernohan is working a spectacular aerial treat... view the tiny homes from a hot air balloon!

3rd Annual BIG Tiny House Festival

New England’s largest tiny house festival is back and this time it’s in Stoughton! This dynamic grassroots event was started by Miranda's Hearth, a creative community organization. This year the main attraction is tiny house village exhibit in the middle of town.

The local community is pumped! 

I’m so excited that I have goose bumps. I’ve always thought that living with conservation in mind is the best way for us and our children. Go Tiny Houses! Can’t wait to explore everything in miniature!
— Beth McNeill, local resident

Special Mention: the Tiny House Roadshow

This is a traveling trade show, featuring industry leaders & exhibitors from across the nation showcasing the latest in tiny home construction and technology.

Next show:

September 15-17 in Indianapolis, ID

Tiny Midwest Fest

Finally the Midwest is getting some tiny house love! This brand-new festival is the brain child of Renee McLaughlin of Tiny On. As she explains this, "a home & garden show, farmer's market and outdoor music festival all rolled into one. Now, add tiny houses that you get to explore and POW! -- There you have it... TinyFest Midwest!" 

Rock star special guest:

Jay Shafer, former Iowan and pioneer of the modern tiny house movement

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 5.24.56 PM.png

Special Mention: Tiny House Summer Camp

This legendary camp/workshop/party is back again! Hosted by the one and only Derek "Deek" Diedricksen the YouTube extraordinaire, former host of HGTV's Tiny House Builders and author of Microshelters and Humble Homes, Simple Shacks. This is a three-day camp out/ hands-on tiny house design and build workshop

Decatur Tiny House Festival

Tiny House Atlanta's annual festival is hosted in partnership with the City of Decatur. This advocacy-based event focuses on how micro-housing can benefit individuals and communities in Georgia, specifically the metro Atlanta area.

The weekend event will feature many high quality tiny houses (20+), related vendors and speakers covering the following topics  sustainability, minimalism, urban planning, zoning and codes, and downsizing. 

Special bonus event:

Friday night VIP Tiny Soiree


National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree

As most of you have probably learned, the National Tiny House Jamboree is moving and evolving in a big way. That's why Texas is so fitting. Everything really is bigger there, including the tiny house movement. It's the home to multiple tiny home communities, major legal progress and countless tiny house dwellers. Texas native and tiny house pioneer, BA Norrgard is heading up the educational programming and community outreach for the event.  

Tiny House Expedition captured the essence of the first-ever Tiny House Jamboree experience in 2015. The tiny house tribe took over Colorado Springs for an inspiring, historic weekend.

What else is new:

More education,     more vendors AND more houses including DIYers!

Fun fact:

Tiny House Expedition was the only completed, lived-in tiny house at the first Jam.

The most epic United Tiny House Association festival coming back November 17-19! Last year's event featured 97 tiny houses and over 60,000 people. The UTHA promises an even more colossal festival experience. 

My question:

What aerial delight will this UTHA Festival feature?? I'm on pins and needles...

Happy festival-going!

See our event calendar for even MORE events!