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Wyoming Roadtrippin' and Tiny House Travel Tips

The Latest Episode of Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot!

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This past weekend we tiny house road-tripped from Denver across windy Wyoming. In our latest episode of Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot, we share our tips for our top road trip pit stops, from fueling up in style to overnight parking at RV-friendly businesses. When in transit from point A to point B, especially long hauls, it’s important to know where you can pull over when the need arises.

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Our favorite place to fuel is up is hands down, FlyingJ truck stops. Most have RV lanes which mean no overhangs! Sometimes this can be found at Pilot locations (the parent company is Pilot FlyingJ). At gas stations, in particular, you have to watch for low clearance. Our advice: never take this for granted. For more tips, see our post on navigating fuel stops here. But at FlyingJ, it’s easy breezy. We always look to see if there’s a PilotFlyingJ about 50-75 miles before we need to fill up. Also because we save $1-1.50 off each full tank, thanks to our Good Sam membership.

Reasons to love the truck stop RV lane can be seen here:

flyingj_th pit stop.jpg

After fueling up and getting a little exercise (Alexis likes to jump rope when we stop), we hit the road for another few hours of travel. We pulled over for the night just as the sun was setting. Southern Wyoming treated us to dazzling, fiery sunset. Good thing too, because the wind was really starting to pick up. We don’t also like to drive after dark. Our preference is always maximum visibility and minimum additional towing challenges, so that means no driving in rain, snow, or high winds.

We pulled into a 24hour Walmart for the night. Unfortunately, we immediately spotted a no overnight parking sign. We were beat, and there was no other overnight parking options available— no rest areas or other overnight RV-friendly businesses, like Cracker Barrel. So we decided to risk being asked to leave. We figured there’s safety in numbers. There were a few truckers and RVs parked there too. Good news! No problems. We woke up late and made breakfast.

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Most 24-hour Walmarts are RV/overnight parking friendly. Sometimes it can feel like a campground. You never know who you’ll see. Once we bumped into our friend Mike from Navigation Nowhere at a Walmart outside Portland, Oregon! If you are looking to park overnight at a parking lot like this, keep an eye out for signs. And if you decide to risk being booted, as we did, just be prepared to politely roll out when asked. This has happened to us a couple of times. Once a kind security officer directed us to a nearby parking lot where we could park for the night without issue.

Our advice: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Always be kind and courteous.

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-Alexis & Christian, co-founders of Tiny House Expedition