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Adding Space and Beauty to Tiny Homes

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Demand for tiny homes in the United States is continuing to grow and doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. In 2017, the International Residential Code defined a tiny home as a dwelling that is 400 square feet or less in floor area excluding lofts. Learn more about the new IRC Tiny House Appendix in the Tiny House Expedition’s film, Living Tiny Legally, Part 2.

Reasons to Invest in a Tiny Home

Everyone has their own reasons for taking the plunge in to the tiny house lifestyle. Top reasons include freedom from an oppressive mortgage and the ability to save a tremendous amount of money.  In addition to spending less money on the purchase of the home and less money on home repairs and maintenance, tiny homes also allow you to save your valuable time for doing things you truly want to to do rather than taking care of a large house.  It allows you to build closer relationships with your family, friends, and community and allows you to declutter your life of objects that just perpetuate more stress.  You will be in charge of deciding how you want your tiny home to look like and using your creativity to have your living space reflect your personality.  Tiny homes consume less resources, so they contribute to living a greener lifestyle and connecting more with nature.

Designing your Tiny Home

Once you are convinced that the tiny home lifestyle is for you, it is time to design and build or purchase your home.  Design your home with space and beauty in mind.  Make sure you check all of the local laws regarding tiny homes and carefully make a plan so that your design becomes a reality.  Plan to use furniture and rooms for multiple uses.  Another important decision is if your house will be on wheels or light enough to put on a trailer (built on skids) so that you can move wherever your next adventure takes you.  The options are limitless!

Image credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes

Image credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes

Garage Doors and Windows add Space and Beauty

Increasing space without adding to the size is important to your overall enjoyment of your home. You should keep doors to a minimum because of the waste of space.  You can use sliding doors where needed and  lots of windows to bring light to the home.  Using windows allow you connect more with nature and the beauty of the landscape.  One new trend is in using garage doors to provide that window to the outside.  The benefit of a garage door is the  ability to open them up so that nature and/or a deck can provide that additional space and beauty to your home.  It is recommended that you work with a professional garage door contractor who can help customize the perfect garage doors to complement your tiny home.

Guest Post by John Rifenburg

Image credit: https://www.newfrontiertinyhomes.com/tiny-house/alpha

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