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Off Grid Tiny House Living in New Mexico: It's Awesome

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot, Episode 12

On our trek through southern New Mexico, we found an amazing free boondocking site in Las Cruces. Our tiny house backyard was the rugged Organ Mountains. We spent a total of three nights at the off-grid Baylor Canyon BLM campsite, just off the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. It ended up feeling like a nomadic micro ‘hood. We made friends with our full-time tiny home neighbors. They both had sweet rigs—a vintage Airstream Argosy trailer and a DIY box truck conversion. We all shared stories around the campfire, including boondocking tips. The nomadic tiny living community is truly a wealth of knowledge.

Ever since Christian and I began dating, he’s been telling me how much he loves New Mexico. Finally after three and half years of traveling, we have now stayed more than just a night here while passing through. It’s been two weeks of New Mexico living. And I now understand why it is so awesome. There’s a kind of desert magic here that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s both vibrant and sparse, charming and weird. The sunsets are unreal. For boondocking, the selection of free or low cost spots in various enchanting settings across the state are endless.

Watch the above episode see why New Mexico is so awesome!

We can do better than this! Pick up after yourself, and leave no trace.

We can do better than this! Pick up after yourself, and leave no trace.

One of things that wasn’t awesome about our stay in the BLM campsite was the amount of litter. Public lands belong to all of us, and it is up to us to respect and preserve them for everyone to enjoy. Please, please, please pick up after yourself. If camping, leave no trace! Pack out whatever you pack in— no exceptions. And if you see litter, take a moment to pick it up. That’s exactly what we did. We spent a solid half hour collecting trash, and you know what, it made us feel great. A side effect of doing the right thing.

During our stay we took a magical day trip to White Sands National Monument. The ever-moving yet anchored gypsum sands struck me as a metaphor for well-grounded nomads, which we always strive to be. Though we are often on the move, we maintain a sense of normalcy and peace by being each other’s rock. It also helps to always have our comfy bed with us. We are always home.

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-Alexis Stephens, cofounder of Tiny House Expedition

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