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Tiny House Road Trip to Meow Wolf: An Immersive Art Experience

Episode 10 of Today's Tiny House Parking Spot

Welcome to our most recent tiny house parking spot at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM! We were transported to a multidimensional mystery house with portals to fantastical worlds, aka the House of Eternal Return inside of Meow Wolf. It is an immersive, interactive art experience like no other.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 6.39.03 PM.jpg

If the Alice Wonderland on acid adventure wasn’t amazing enough, seeing people in walking about in costume made it even more amusing. We went to Meow Wolf on Halloween night for an extra spooky good time, plus an extra good deal. For $25/each, we got to explore the exhibit and enjoy a groovy live concert— a twofer. Regular ticket prices for non-New Mexican residents is typically $25 a person. Steep discounts available for New Mexico residents. Stayed tuned for future Meow Wolf locations coming to Denver and Las Vegas by 2020.

It was the best Halloween EVER.

While we enjoyed the trippy Meow Wolf experience, our tiny house was parked just up street at a IHOP/ Home Depot parking lot next to a few other RVs. We originally tried two local Walmarts but both do not allow overnight parking. For about RV/THOW friendly businesses, see this post.

Join us next Tuesday to see our next episode of Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot!

Featured in today’s vlog:

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition

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