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Beautiful Tiny House Village for Veterans in Phoenix

Today's Tiny House Parking Spot, Episode 14

At the end of November, we visited the inspiring Build Us Hope organization in Phoenix. They recently opened V13, a veterans’ tiny house village, featuring three 288 sq. ft. tiny homes with edible gardens. The quality, affordable homes are available for rent or rent-to-own for veterans in need of housing. It is a pocket neighborhood within an existing neighborhood. The three homes were built on a single family house lot that was previously built-on. In the future, Build Us Hope may develop other several infill properties within the neighborhood.


Elizabeth Singleton is the mover and shaker at the head of Build Us Hope. Her determination and government relationship building savvy made V13 happen. She ultimately was aided by several community partners, the local college and volunteers. In the latest episode of our weekly travel vlog, Elizabeth shares invaluable advice about community development and big news about future affordable, tiny communities for all across Arizona. Her future communities will include both tiny houses on wheels and on foundation. If you have ever thought about creating a tiny house community, watch above and take notes!

Our specific parking spot was in the Build Us Hope parking lot, next to one of Build Us Hope’s tiny homes on wheels (to be placed in the future). While not glamorous, it was super convenient within walking distance to stores, restaurants, etc. We benefited from our generous host’s WiFi signal with the incredible helpful of our EliteAC WiFi Ranger. Answering one of our most frequently asked questions; when no outside signal is available we rely on our personal hotspots. It brings in otherwise weak WiFi from Hotspots in the area, up to a mile away. The indoor GoAC unit broadcasts available signals inside our tiny house, while providing a secure, encrypted network. It also allows tethering MiFi hot spots. Get 5% off with promo code: WFRTHE5.

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-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition

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