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Stunning Tiny Houses of Sedona, from Resort Village to Teacher Housing

Episode 15 of Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot

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Sedona, Arizona feels like a town built inside a National Park. You can’t escape the breathtaking views. We were fortunate to make it our home for a week. Our specific parking spot was at the Sedona Charter School. After struggling to attract needed teachers due to the high cost of living in the area, the school decided to take matters into their own hands. They now have on-site teacher housing program, a small house and tiny house on the property that houses two teaches. Their tiny house was built by the Construction Careers Academy high school program in San Antonio.

Urban planner and developer, Darin Dinsmore purchased five student-built houses from this program. The other four are at his newly opened Tiny Camp Sedona, a tiny house resort in the enchanting Oak Creek Canyon. Watch our latest vlog above to get a glimpse into this gorgeous little village. In addition to being a sustainable retreat, it is also a tiny house demonstration project for the local planning and building departments. Darin is passionate about creating quality-built, attainable housing. He’s currently working on tiny and small house projects across California and elsewhere. More to come on these in the future.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving during our stay in Sedona. Christian was especially happy to continue his annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition. He installed a small digital TV antenna, primarily for this purpose—watching live TV. We normally watch shows through our RokuTV, on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. After lounging about our tiny home in PJs all day, we got to enjoy a relaxing Friendsgiving experience with Darin and new friends. Allison, our generous host lives in a charming adobe casita. It’s about 500 square feet, and has spectaclar views of Sedona’s signature red rocks. Our nomadic tiny home on lifestyle is still rich with holiday traditions. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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