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Vlog E2: Winter in Our Tiny House

Work hard. (snow) Play hard. That's our philosophy, and we put into action all winter.


Our tiny house is parked in Christian's parents’ driveway in North Carolina, the first time in 2.5 years. It’s really the best of both worlds— think fresh cookies and privacy. But a car accident temporarily turned our world upside down...

IMG_1771 2.jpg

Fortunately, the rest of our winter was filled with fun family time, especially Alexis's 11-year-old son, G-man. Over the last few years, he has traveled to meet us, wherever we are. We've been able to plan these visits around connecting with Alexis's spread out family, along with world-view expanding visits to Canada, National Parks, and other tiny house families. Being back in North Carolina, gave us the opportunity to visit his school and meet his teachers. A truly moving experience. We also were able to help his Dad, Alexis's ex-husband move. Definitely, like an episode of Modern Family. We all get along, and that's a huge part of what makes our semi-nomadic lifestyle work. 

While we've been away Christian's dad, John, has blossomed into a painter. At 72, he discovered his natural talent and love for drawing and painting. It's unbelievable how far he's come. John just had his first gallery show!

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