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The Final Countdown: 2018 Tiny House Bundle Sale

The Time to Kickstart Your Tiny House Research is Now.

We're stoked to be included in the incredible 2018 Tiny House Bundle sale. It's an ideal holistic package deal for the DIYer. If only this was available when we were planning for our tiny house build! Seriously.

Are you in the research phase? Preparing to build? Unsure about how to move your tiny home, or where you can park it?  If the answer is yes, to any of these questions, then this value-packed bundle is for you.  

What's included:

  • Tiny House Travel Webinar by us 😉

  • Tiny House Parking eBook by Ethan Waldman, TheTinyHouse.net

  • Over 100 Tiny House Plans by Shelter Wise, PAD Tiny Houses, RelaxShacks.com, TinyHouseDesign.com, among others

  • 9 Learn How-to Build a Tiny House Workshop Videos by TinyHouseBuild.com

  • And 29 MORE Resources, eBooks, and Guides!

$735.90 Value. Now Just $49.

Sale ends on Saturday, 3/31 at 12 pm sharp.