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New Week, New Tiny House Parking Spot

Welcome to our current Tiny House Parking Spot...

At the beginning of the week, we carefully maneuvered out of a tight parking spot at Peak View Park. The tiny house on wheels and park model village in Woodland Park, CO. Watch last week’s video for close-up look at this fully legal community. We then headed down to the mountain with steep 7% grades. It’s important to take it slow and utilize the tow/haul mode, which boosts torque and engages the engine braking mode to help maintain control of our heavy load while driving up and down hills. For more safe tiny house towing, tips see our how-to guides here:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.49.38 AM.png

Our first new parking spot of the day was at Planet Fitness. We have black membership, which is perfect for nomads. It allows you to use any of their 2,000+ locations (not a sponsored post 😉). Exercise equipment, massage chairs, showers and wifi—such a great, healthy combination! After working out, we scored delicious street tacos (the one thing we’ve eaten the most during our road trips). Just the fuel we needed to drive to northern Colorado.

Last year, we made friends with Masyn, a part-time tiny dweller at a tiny house festival. She graciously invited us to park in her driveway. To keep her neighbors in the loop, Masyn left a sign out front letting them know we are here for just the week and asking them to welcome us to the neighborhood. So far a couple neighbors have indeed stopped by to warmly greet us. In this city, tiny house evictions are unfortunately very common. Local advocates are trying to push for more long-term legal parking options with some local support, but the NIMBY vibes are strong here. If you live in Colorado, you can help local advocacy efforts by voting, showing up for planning meetings especially those focused on accessory dwelling units or tiny housing, and by joining the state chapter of the American Tiny House Association. Now led by author and tiny dweller, Emily Gerde (http://mindfulminimalistmama.com).

Our current neighborhood is our favorite kind—walkable. We’ve had the best time exploring by foot. There’s a market, coffee shop, cafes and movie theater within just a short walk. As a cherry on top, there are protected bike paths all over the place. We need to break out the bikes and explore the whole town! Here’s a few clues about our current parking spot: it’s in beautiful city with a rich artistic and outdoor culture, with “crunchy granola types” and a big influx of tech workers. It’s also very expensive to live here...

Where are we? Leave your guess below.

Join us this weekend at the Self Reliance & Simple Life Experience in Denver, CO!

-Alexis, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition