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"I'm a Maximist" Tiny Houses Aren't Just for Minimalists

Meet Andy. He is a self-described "maximist".

He lives in a tiny house that is full of all his favorite things and hobbies, like volleyball and cooking. Everything is carefully displayed or stored, kind of like a nesting doll system. He has maximized his storage space; compromising on what brings him joy was out of the question. For Andy, tiny living is an opportunity to create more flexibility in his life, from early retirement to more travel. It's all about the freedom of choice.

His advice: soul search & do you!

Curious for a more in-depth tour of Andy's tiny house? Watch the below full tour of his 32' gooseneck tiny house on wheels, the Rover, parked in Charleston, SC. It was built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes. Andy's Rover features a catwalk stairwell that connects the 2 lofts, a giant shower, and decked-out kitchen space. Perfect for trying out new, fancy recipes! 

Part of the (tiny) Home Tour of America, a Tiny House Expedition and Home State Apparel collaboration.

-Alexis, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition