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Amazing Tiny Houses of Southwestern Colorado

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From Two of Our All-Time Favorite Tiny Homes on Wheels

When we travel to new towns, we always enjoy connecting with local tiny home dwellers. On our trip to Durango, Colorado this Fall, we had the great pleasure of hanging with two tiny households. And boy did we fall in love with their tiny houses. The owners are pretty swell, too.

Swoon worthy tiny house bathroom! comfy Bathtub on a penny floor

Swoon worthy tiny house bathroom! comfy Bathtub on a penny floor

We parked at the shop of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. They are a 100% custom builder that is fond of salvaged materials and organic shapes, like curvy roof lines. Their style is exemplified in RMTH CEO Greg Parham’s personal tiny house, the San Juan. Greg and his lovely wife Stephanie originally moved into together in a much smaller tiny home, Greg’s first build. They quickly learned what worked and what didn’t. In their new build, they worked together to fix the problem issues and combined their distinct rustic and French country styles. The result: their dream tiny home. It is directly inspired from the San Juan mountains and the four corners region, where they live. The curvy roof line and angular back loft back give it a ship look. Their tiny was built on a 24’ trailer, but the unique bump out gives them an extra 5’ of usable space— looks likes the bow of a ship. The San Juan features many to-die-for design features, like a manual elevator bed, and stunning reclaimed materials like local barn wood. It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, in our humble opinion, but is also exceedingly practical for everyday living needs. From often overlooked details, like where to put trash and recycling cans, to decor elements like high shelving with grouped decor items, keepsakes from their travels abroad and local artisan goods.

Watch the full tour to get inspired!

The happy couple is now putting in some serious sweat equity in to fix up an old run-down property to turn into their dream tiny homestead and building shop. One day, they may offer THOW parking spots, too.

More about their in-development homestead and unique love story here:

Another Durango stunner is the Coloregon Tiny Home.

It can be difficult balancing function and beauty in a tiny house on wheels. Seth and Claire struck an ideal balance in their 24’ DIY tiny home on wheels. With their endless creativity and resourcefulness, they created an incredibly functional space for all their essential daily living activities, like multiple ways to make coffee. They truly maximized every inch of their bathroom, something their tiny home has in common with the San Juan Tiny Home; though both have very distinct design aesthetics. Another similarity is a dog food storage solution. Did you know: the vast majority of tiny home dwellers we have encountered in our travels across North America are pet owners?

Smart! Board game storage tucked away in the staircase

Smart! Board game storage tucked away in the staircase

Seth and Claire’s kitchen prep space is probably the largest we’ve ever seen in a tiny house. It expands easily with a simple fold-up counter extension and fold-down table, that doubles a dining space that can seat five. Perfect for hosting friends for board game night! Even with all these multi-functional elements, their tiny house feels very open. Seth and Claire’s décor is rich, though uses the same color scheme and pattern motifs throughout. The result is a clean, cohesive, charming space that doesn’t feel visually cluttered. Their minimalism is key to creating this look and feel. They planned their tiny home in a way to morph as their new baby, Asa grows. When he’s bigger, Asa will move into the larger loft, and Seth and Claire will move into the second loft, currently used for storage. Proving tiny house family design is possible for kids of all ages.

Watch the full tour and take notes!

Looking for a place to park your tiny house on wheels, there are now multiple community options in Durango, Colorado. Check out our post from our travels there to learn more!

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Home decorating ideas and tips that will make decorating less of a challenge in these small or tiny spaces.

Home decorating ideas and tips that will make decorating less of a challenge in these small or tiny spaces.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition