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Thrilling Tiny House Travels to LA and Legalize Tiny Progress

Episode 16 Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot


We road tripped with our tiny house on wheels across Arizona to Los Angeles. Along the way, Christian and I had some interesting experiences along the way, from US border security checkpoints to fun roadside attractions. When came across the famous Cabazon Dinosaurs from PeeWee’s Big Adventure we couldn’t resist stopping for silly photo shoot.

After surviving the T-Rex, we made our way into Los Angeles where we parked in the second tightest parking spot we’ve ever squeezed our tiny home on wheels into—our friend’s driveway. It was an incredibly dense central LA neighborhood of small houses. There was just a couple inches on one side of our house and less than two feet on the other. We wedged between the neighbor’s fence and our host’s house, with a low overhanging porch. Remarkably, we were able to close the gate to the backyard. Perfect for our host’s sweet dog, Waffles. We were hosted by our friends Tessa Baker and Shaina Thompson, co-founders of LATCH Collective, a tiny house community education and DIY building group. They hosted a casual Meetup with the Los Angeles Tiny House Enthusiasts. Always a great way to share tiny house living insights and make new friends. We also joined LATCH for one of their weekly co-building events. Several of their members come out to help each other build their DIY tiny homes, sharing tools and offering extra hands.

The most exciting part of our stay was the HUGE advocacy victory we got to witness. The city of LA is now one crucial step closer to allowing movable tiny houses, aka tiny houses on wheels, as accessory dwelling units. If it passes, potentially tens of thousands of legal parking spots could become available! To learn more, watch the above vlog. Tessa is one of the California State Chapter Leaders of American Tiny House Association (ATHA). You support tiny house advocacy efforts by joining ATHA.

Another wonderful highlight of stay was reconnecting with artist and tiny house dweller, Dominique Moody. Her tiny home, the NOMAD is living work of art. She travels with her home from artist in-residence to artist in-residence. At each she works with the local community to create an assemblage work of art, connected to local history, while breathing fresh life into found materials. Her current residency was with Side Street Projects, an artist-run community social entrepreneurial organization. One of the flagship projects is the Wood Bus, a mobile carpentry shop with adjustable benches for kids. They offer free woodworking classes. With them, Dominique created a beautiful mobile community garden, Our Garden of Dreams. It will travel to neighborhoods to offer hands-on gardening experience, free classes and fresh food for those with limited access. The possibilities that tiny, mobile structures offer individuals and communities are endless!

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