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4 Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating a Tiny House or Small Space

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If you live in a small space of any kind, you know the challenge of decorating small rooms and limited available space. There are specific home decorating ideas and tips that will make decorating less of a challenge in these small or tiny homes.

The Vision, a 37' tiny house at Tiny Estates. Click for full tour!

The Vision, a 37' tiny house at Tiny Estates. Click for full tour!

One of the biggest challenges is decorating a small space without making it look cluttered. Especially for those of you trying to fit larger furniture into smallish rooms. Built-in furniture can be better suited for the tricky dimensions of tiny homes, providing more control of the layout of your space. You can diminish a cluttered look by minimizing the number of art pieces on the walls, keeping the walls all one color, using blinds rather than drapes, moving all photos to a gallery section over the stairs ensuring good color coordination with adjoining spaces.

In Tiny House Expedition’s 130 square foot DIY home, they recently painted the front half of their ceiling white, leaving their sleeping loft with a natural wood look. The update made the spaces feel distinct, and instantly made the living space feel brighter and larger. The power of a little paint.

Here are the best 4 decorating tips for a tiny house or small space compiled by our friends over at Land of Rugs:

1. Coloring design

Home decorating tips for multipurpose rooms (an entire tiny house can be a multipurpose room) include using the same color scheme throughout the room but painting walls that you want as a focal point in an accent color which also helps to separate the room. Instead of paint, you can consider an accent reclaimed wood wall, tin tiles or an alternative material— get creative!

Make sure you develop a plan before starting. Using the graduated paint colors found on card samples at paint stores will help you coordinate the colors and make the job easier. Use accessories and throws in the accent colors to bring the whole space together or emphasize the color scheme in one area of the room.

2. Multitask Furniture

Most  people have too much "stuff" that is overflowing from their existing, possibly lacking home storage space. For tiny space dwellers, a challenging issue is having enough storage space for their paired down possessions. Everything needs a place. A home decorating idea to use in any space is to invest in furniture that can serve a dual purpose. For example, a coffee table with shelves or a lid that opens for storage, an ottoman that opens up for storage, or even a chair with a seat cushion that opens for storage are all available on the market today! Choose dining room tables with leaves that can be expanded so you can keep it small when you don't need the extra space—like the must-have Ikea table for some many tiny houses. Custom built furniture can be made to fit your home’s limiting dimensions, and can offer an added accent through use of material selected to best suit your space. Perhaps, a live edge slab of wood. Consider adding chalkboard paint to the backside of a cabinet door, charming and functional. When decorating small spaces, keep these ideas in mind!

3. Create a Social Conversation Area

In trying to gain open space in a living room, furniture is often moved to the edges of the room. Place a sofa and a couple of smaller chairs along with a small coffee table together in the middle or toward one end of the room to create a conversation area that provides warmth and comfort for the room. This area also provides a focal point for the room which is just as important when decorating small spaces. When designing a tiny house on wheels, don’t forget the lounge space! A place to relax and to enjoy the company of guest or two (or three). Any open floor space you can create in a tiny home will make the space look and feel larger and more airy.

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4. Use Arranged Shelves

Another way to get stuff off the floor in small rooms is to make use of attractively arranged shelves. A good place to start is to put small objects in a small decorative box or basket and place it on a shelf. See how you like it and go from there with additional shelves. 

There are more opportunities for shelves than you might think, especially high shelves. You can display decorative items as well as use the space for storage. Vertical space is a great storage solution for small rooms and tiny spaces. It can be attractive as well as functional. Consider utilizing shelving (freestanding or wall-mounted), armoires, tall dressers, or other interesting furniture pieces that will exploit the vertical space in the room.

By incorporating these simple home decorating ideas, living in a tiny or small home can be very comfortable and you can still enjoy the style that you desire.

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