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College Student's Impressive Tiny House Floods in Hurricane BUT Survives

Important Life Lessons from Tiny House Living & Rebuilding in Florida

While in college, Bradley built an incredible tiny house for only $15,000. The level of thoughtfulness in his DIY home, blew us away, from creative storage solutions to a stylish aesthetic. It’s home to him and his pet snake, Peanut, who has his very own loft!

Bradley tiny house is parked in a wooded backyard on a dead-end street in Jacksonville, FL. He pays only $125 per month for a spot with water and electric hookups. In the tour, Bradley shares great advice for finding parking and how to be a responsible neighbor. He recommends always having a back-up option.

He definitely has a good head on his young shoulders and became much wiser after a hurricane flooded his tiny home. Flooding that could have been avoided, if he had only hitched up his house and driven to safety. Bradley’s tiny house flooring and trailer insulation were utterly ruined. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t worse, and he was able to make all the necessary repairs. A kind neighbor gave him extra hardwood flooring, about 200 square feet, from their own flooding repairs. As Bradley shares, he will never take a hurricane warning for granted again.

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