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Our Winter Tiny House Work Play Lifestyle

Today’s Tiny House Parking Spot, Episode 19

After Christmas, we took a mini-road trip to Washington with my 12-year-old, Garrett. There we enjoyed a fun family get together full of games, snow tubing and visit to the town of Leavenworth. It is a charming and kitschy Bavarian village and home to tiny house hotel, Leavenworth Tiny House Village. Bummed we missed visiting, but happy to focus on quality family time.

When we got back to Bend, we kicked into gear with our winter work/play lifestyle. Our schedule: work, hang with friends, snowboard. Repeat. Low living expenses from staying put for a few months with our tiny home, plus work-from-home flexibility allows to enjoy this wonderful work/life balance. Sometimes this means working from the ski resort. Thank you Mt. Bachelor for the free WiFi!

Right now we make a living primarily from our YouTube channel, blog writing for Tiny House Blog and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and t-shirt, sticker & book sales. We sometimes make money from freelance photo/video gigs, public speaking, etc. Also we are currently towards the pilot episode of our limited documentary series—title TBA. As of now it is a non-paying, passion project.

Two big reasons we chose Bend, OR as our winter parking location: easy access to a ski resort, Mt. Bachelor, and lots of nearby friends. Over the last few years, we’ve made a ton of new tiny dwellers friends, due to our tiny house connections across the country, largely thanks to local Meetup groups and social media. Like our pals Cody and Randi. Watch our latest vlog (above) to get a look inside their beautiful tiny home, where we recently hung out for the premiere of True Detective. A full tour of their house is coming in the next few months!

Heart-warming story of 'home-making'. Cody and Randi Hennigan are DIY tiny house on wheels dwellers.

Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is only 30-minutes from our parking spot. We’ve carpooled up there many times since coming to Bend, and I have been taking snowboarding lessons. They have incredible lesson package, called Ride in 5. Learn to ski or snowboard in five lessons, and when you graduate, you receive a pass; all for less than one season pass—the value is insane! My goal was to become skilled enough to go down an easy hill with Christian, who’s an experience snow boarder. Great news! I already achieved my goal. My quick progress has been encouraging and exhilarating, especially after breaking my wrist trying to learn a couple years ago. Don’t let that discourage you! I fell on a flat, icy spot. Now I wear wrist guards. I love what one of my snow board instructors shared with me: learning to ride is personal growth; learning patience, determination and conquering fear. I am so happy to be embracing a lifetime skill. Take a stroll around a ski resort, and you’ll see people of all ages skiing and riding.

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