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We Left Our Tiny House to Be With Family, Not Sure When We'll Be Back

We left our tiny house in Oregon to fly back to North Carolina. Christian's father, John's health took a rapid decline after a year of battling mesothelioma. We are beyond grateful to have the ability to pick up at a moments notice to be with our family, for an open-ended amount of time. This has allowed us to help Christian's mom, Joyce and spend quality time with John before he passed, where he was surrounded by family. We are now helping Joyce consider downsizing to a smaller home.

John was an incredible guy—an English immigrant, a long-time entrepreneur, and late in life, an accomplished painter. He helped us build our tiny home, and even built us a porch swing! John always had a story to tell and DIYer advice to share. He will be missed dearly.

We are not sure when we will return to our tiny home. It is safely parked with friendly neighbors keeping an eye on it and a home security system in place. When we do return, we’ll let you all know. For now, we are enjoying quality time with friends and family, especially Joyce and my son, Garrett. I am so proud of him. He just started a club at school!

Thank you all of you for following and supporting us. ❤️🙏

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition

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