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Orlando’s Thriving Lakefront Tiny Home Community with Gorgeous Rentals

A Look Inside Orlando Lakefront at College Park

The RV Park Reborn

RV and mobile home parks are the original tiny home community. Welcoming tiny houses on wheels is a no-brainer for most, especially for those that offer long-term parking. More and more parks all over the country are reinventing themselves as hybrid RV/tiny house communities. This makes so much sense. RV parks have everything needed for tiny-house living—power, water and sewer hook-ups—making them the most hassle-free option for legally parking a tiny house. Depending on the RV park location, the allowed length of stay varies, from 30 days to year-round parking. And tiny houses give deteriorating trailer parks a shot of fresh energy, an upgraded image and motivated young homeowners. Orlando Lakefront at College Park pioneered the RV/Tiny House community idea back in 2015.

It has transformed from a run-down 1950’s RV park to lush modern tiny home community. Adam Money, the owner of Orlando Lakefront, seeks to create both an aesthetically pleasing and friendly community environment for all residents. He's in no rush to show longtime RV residents the door. They’re tiny too! As folks move on, he wants to replace especially old, dilapidated structures on wheels, of any kind. Adam sees a long term opportunity to transform his park, and he wants to do it on the up and up. No forced gentrification scenario here.

We offer available lots to tiny housers who wish to legally park, live on the shores of a beautiful lake, and take advantage of all that a nearby metropolitan area has to offer.
— Adam Money, owner of Orlando Lakefront

We’ve visited twice over the last few years, and seems to keep getting better and better! The landscaping is continually improving. Currently there are 23 THOWs and 27 RVs. A club house and a few new parking spots may be added in the future. It’s located next to Lake Fairview, peaceful, and only about ten minutes from downtown Orlando. When we were there last, Adam took us on boat ride to the far side of the like, where you can dock at a popular new restaurant.

We love the welcoming vibes and active lifestyle of many of the diverse residents. They are all ages and backgrounds. Neighbors often hang out together. They enjoy amenities like pet friendly green space and docks for boating, fishing, and paddle boarding. Lot rent is super affordable based on this sweet location and what other parks charge—just $350-600/month. The community is currently full, but you can add your name to the wait list with a $200 deposit. it

Jump on a paddle board right from the front door of your tiny home.

Jump on a paddle board right from the front door of your tiny home.

Is tiny living right for you? Rent one of the nine tiny house Airbnbs at Orlando Lakefront—a great low-commitment way to try out the tiny home life in a community setting.

To see updates from this vibrant community, follow them on social media.

Instagram: @orlandolakefronttinyhomes AND Facebook: /orlandolakefronttinyhomes

Tours from our First Visit in 2016:

Ambush tiny house tours at Orlando Lakefront Tiny House & RV Community. Inside look at 2 lived-in tiny houses, hosted by gracious tiny housers Cassie Craig and Haley Kalb.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition