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The Tiny Homeowner’s Simple Guide to Feng Shui

Learn how to feng shui your space with helpful infographics and a tiny homeowner’s experience.

Feng shui can be a mind-boggling topic when considering home decor — especially when it comes to tiny homes. However, there are plenty of practical steps to incorporate this ancient Chinese practice into your abode naturally. We are working on this in our tiny home, making subtle decor changes to improve energy flow.

Align your home based on the bagua chart to reap the benefits of good energy, making sure to add favored colors and accents within corresponding sections. Basic feng shui values principles like wealth, reputation or creativity while placing the layout, colors and key objects within a space in high regard.


Owning tiny homes allows us to dedicate a lot of our time outside, which means that most of our moments spent indoors are likely in bed. Combat negative vibes and recharge with a quality mattress in the perfect size to fit your space for the next day’s activities. Keep the energy flowing by situating your bed toward the entrance and then decorating with your own personal style.

We had this one right from the beginning! Our lofted bed faces the entrance, like many other tiny houses.


Keep clutter at a minimum to satisfy feng shui and also make life in your tiny home a lot easier. Furnish living areas with rounded pieces that are size appropriate to avoid overcrowding. While it may not be possible to avoid placing furniture away from walls, especially in a tiny space, there are still several important elements to consider when creating a more positive space.


Using feng shui to realize that less is more is great way to harmonize your home and journey with a purpose.

Find out how a fellow DIY tiny homeowner and advocate, Lee Pera of Kotierra brought feng shui into her space with the help of an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant, Phoenix and Rose.

Feng Shui Tiny Home Inspiration, courtesy of Lee Pera:

A lot of the Feng Shui process was just decluttering and rearranging. 2017 was not a healthy year for me (was it for anyone?!). I was stressed and angry with the state of the world, and I didn’t pay much attention to healthy eating or regular exercise or meditation.

Little things like displaying your favorite cookbook - making it accessible and visible - do wonders for reminding you to take care of yourself and feel good
— Lee Pera

Have you used the elements of feng shui in your home? Please share your experience in the comments.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition