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Tiny House Bundle Sale is BACK!

The annual Tiny House Bundle Sale is here, 5 days ONLY!

Are you ready to embrace a new simple lifestyle? Are you planning to build a tiny home? Then this one-stop bundle sale is for you. Bringing you 29 amazing tiny house plans, books, and courses from a diverse, talented group of experts from across the nation. Now 95% OFF, until 4/6 at 12 pm EST.

We excited to be collaborating on this one-of-a-kind sale. It features some of our all-time favorite DIY resources, like Tiny House Build’s invaluable building video series. Boy do we wish this bundle was available when we were planning our build.

The total value is $983, now available for only $49!

For the next five days, we 29 tiny house plans, eBooks, courses, and videos— normally $983 if you buy them separately — that make up the most comprehensive package of products to get you started living tiny you'll ever find. Even if you’re only interested in two or three of the offerings, you will save money.

Get inspired and use these tools to achieve your tiny life dreams:

  • hOMe Plans + the acclaimed How to Build a Tiny House video series from the illustrious Morrisons of Tiny House Build

  • Tiny House Cost StartKit from sharp-shooter Steven Mejia of Living Tiny in LA (help you figure out the true costs of building and living in a tiny house with worksheets, checklists, and tools for budgeting, etc.)

  • Master Sketchup courses from whiz Matt Donley (perfect for custom tiny house layouts)

  • The Complete Guide to Traveling with a Large Family by the inspiring Contented Nomads family

  • Tiny House Decisions Interviews Edition + Live Q&A with powerhouse educator Ethan Waldman (the ultimate tiny house build planning guide with deep dives from DIYers)

  • AND much more!!!

Featuring Tiny House Expedition's new and improved THOW Travel Course + Exclusive Live Q&A

Learn the ins and outs of traveling with your tiny house on wheels, whether you planning a one-time move OR road trip. Presented by Alexis & Christian, humbly, the world’s most traveled tiny house on wheels!

We are sharing our extensive first-hand experience traveling with our tiny home. Our hope is to encourage and empower your own DIY travel experience. With the right preparation you’ll be able to it the road, safely, and have the time of your life.

Access the e-Course 24/7. Join the exclusive LIVE discussion and Q&A, 4/14 at 5 pm EST—replay available.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition