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5 Reasons Your Home is a Reflection of Your Personality

There’s always that first impression we get when we meet a person for the first time. However, did you also know that your home, tiny or big, from the outside and inside, is silently and unconsciously sending out signals about your personality?                

First Things First, What is Your Home Personality?

Before going into specific details that your home style reveals about you, here’s a look at four times of home personalities. Which one are you?

Heartfelt Hoarder

This is you if you are still holding on to things that may be years old because of sentiments – clothes, toys, love letters, photos, and so on. Such a person is romantic, nostalgic, quiet and introspective. She values relationships greatly and puts much effort into them.

Mindful Maximalist

You are such if you keep buying things that catch your fancy even though you have nowhere to put them. Chances are you’re always looking to find and seize new opportunities; stress is welcomed. This home personality is outgoing and confident and loves to display her successes whether in the form of a trophy or souvenir.

Andy is a self-described "maximist". He lives in a tiny house that is full of all his favorite things and hobbies; everything is just carefully displayed or stored-- kinda of like a nesting doll system.

Decorative Decanter

Are there things in your Home Improvement that are meant purely for decoration – candles, premium drink and food kept in special containers, the best towels, oven gloves, and LED can lights? Then, this is you. Perhaps, you like to be relaxed about the house when alone but want to impress when visitors are around. Personality-wise, this person is very ambitious and displays her creative best under pressure.

Opportunistic Organiser

You are this home person if you love reorganizing, whether it be the cupboards at the workplace, chairs at a restaurant, or shoes and cutlery when at a friend’s place. You may tend towards being practical and industrious and to feeling most relaxed when things are in order. This home person will always keep to time too. Her tendency to organize displays her creative streak.

5 Aspects of Your Home’s Appearance that Show Who You Are

Everything from the color of your front door to the way things are arranged (or not arranged!) has a little mini story to say about you.

  1. Even Before Entry, the Door Bares All!

If you paint your door yellow or pink, it shows you to be a person who believes life is meant to be fun. A lavender or pink door gives out the impression of spiritedness and youthfulness. A bold red makes a statement and is representative of someone who spreads good cheer and doesn’t shy away from making her opinion heard. Green shows a calm, easy going nature and a need to seek out security. Black may exude a message of elegance, prestige, and power or a reserved persona. Lastly, purple symbolizes a love for the dramatic.



People are realizing what an impression the door creates which is why more and more of them are working on improving the way their main entrance or garage door looks.



2.   Your Bed Gives Out Hints of Your Sex Life and the Love or Hate for Your Job

Purple decor in the bedroom is an indicator of twice the intimacy of people whose bedding, furniture and walls are grey. Pink and red are also encouraging colors for sex while white and beige may have the opposite effect.

Would you rather do other things than bother to make your bed? If yes, chances are high you hate your job.

 Wait! There’s still more to the bed than meets the eye. No messes concealed under the bed? You could be an anxious person. Airy bedroom? You are emotionally stable.



3.   Look To The Fridge and Decor For Hints Of An Outgoing Personality

Are you one of those people who often gets tempted at the grocery store, so much so that your fridge and pantry gets stocked up more than it should be? If yes, you are likely to be a fun-loving, lively and charismatic person who would love to party and entertain guests with food.

As far as decor goes, introverts are likely to decorate with solid, soft colors and muted patterns. The extroverts lean towards spacious and open furniture layouts. They may also have more seating furniture in their outdoor space to be inviting to guests, whether to enjoy a cup of tea or wine in the beautiful outdoors. In contrast, a solitary and quiet space is what the introvert would probably prefer.

4.   Clutter vs. No Clutter Reveals Political Leanings



 In general, political leanings are of two kinds – conservative and liberal. Conservatives are usually traditional in their opinions while the liberals are open-minded and likely tend towards less conscientiousness. Now how does this reflect in the way they keep home? The liberals are more likely to have cluttered homes with an assortment of books, maps, and music items. On the other hand, the room of a conservative is organized and brightly lit with possibly more American flags, cleaning supplies, and sports paraphernalia than their Liberal counterparts.

5.  A Clothes Rack in Open Display Points to Enthusiasm for Fashion

If you like to openly display your apparels collection instead of concealing it in a closet, perhaps you like fashion to art and are passionate about it. You look at clothes beyond their functionality and towards engaging with them and deriving aesthetic pleasure from them.

clothes hanging.png

Next time you visit a home, spend some time looking at it more closely. Chances are you’ll uncover some personality traits that were up until then, well-hidden.

How does your home reflect your personality? Share in the comments.

-Guest Post by Ross Geller 

Author Bio: Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. He has been working with Elite Garage for some time now. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.

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