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Creative Customs: 9 Tiny House Storage Ideas Made for You

Are you trying to design or organize your tiny house and feel like there's just not enough room? Learn about how custom tiny house storage ideas can help.

Tiny homes are sweeping the nation with their popularity. They're great for those who love to travel and would rather spend money on seeing the world than paying to be stuck in one spot. Choosing to live in a tiny home saves you money, gives you more freedom, and it helps the environment. 

But it's no secret that living in such a tiny space means not having as much room for your household items. That's why you need the best tiny house storage ideas. With such little space, how can it be possible to cram everything you own into this tiny house?

Well, we're here to tell you that it is indeed possible. Don't go throwing out your favorite pair of boots or your best surfboard just yet. Continue reading for 9 storage ideas that you'll love to incorporate into your tiny house!

1. Furniture with Storage Built-In

When looking to purchase furniture for your tiny house, be sure to only buy items that offer built-in storage. If you've already furnished your tiny home with furniture that doesn't have this feature, not to worry. You can always sell those items and use the money to purchase or build more tiny home friendly furniture. 

That’s the beauty of a tiny house; it can always be remodeled!

Look into couches that offer optimal storage options within the couch itself or built-in underneath it. You can also find benches, ottomans, and other furniture pieces that have storage built into them. 

Darling tiny A-frame with my Name—the Alexis! Design by Pin-up Houses—construction plans available and on-sale

Darling tiny A-frame with my Name—the Alexis! Design by Pin-up Houses—construction plans available and on-sale

2. A-Frame Beam Shelves 

If available, use A-frame beams in your tiny home for both support and storage! These beams work great to give your home the support it needs. To ensure they take up as little space as possible, you'll want them to have the best cut and fit perfectly in your home. 

Do your research and read more on this before having any shelving made for your home. The best thing about the A-beams is that they provide plenty of shelving for your knick-knacks and such. And any high shelving, in general, is best.

Keeping things up and out of the way is the best way to preserve space.

3. Open Overhead Shelving

Speaking of high shelving, when you're not placing your beloved items on your house's A-beams, consider installing open overhead shelving in rooms like the kitchen or living room. These shelving options can also function as your light source for the room. Having an open style makes the area look more spacious and less bulky. 

And as mentioned before, keeping it overhead means that it's out of the way and doesn't take up essential living space. Place a cubed open shelf over the kitchen's island or over the table where you eat.

shelving around sides of the murphy bed

shelving around sides of the murphy bed

4. Utilize Both Sides of Shelving

The most creative way to get the most out of your shelves is to utilize both sides. Use the top of shelves as normal, and use the bottom of the shelves to hold dried spices for cooking or other items that can easily fit inside a mason jar. How do you do this?

Take the lids from several mason jars and line them up on the bottom of the shelf however you desire. Then, use two screws to screw the lids onto the bottom on the shelf. The mason jars will hang from underneath the shelf and when you need something out of them, simply unscrew them from their lids. 

5. Shelving Against Side of Shower or Bathtub

The space against your bathtub should not go to waste. And in a tiny house, you can't afford to let it. Use this space to neatly place shelving against the side of your shower or bathtub. 

Fit in as many shelves as possible. You can use this space for towels, soaps, and all other bathroom products. 

Hidden staircase storage

Hidden staircase storage

6. Drawers Inside and Under the Stairs

If your tiny house includes stairs, be sure to utilize the stairs as much as possible. You should have drawers placed inside the stairs so each step has its own drawer to pull out of it. You can also place drawers, shelving, or closet space under the stairs.

Depending on how your stairs were built into your home, some of these options might work better than others.

7. Hooks for Hanging Kitchen Items

When it comes to the kitchen, there's no denying that we need space. With pots, pans, dishes, and more, you can never have enough storage in your kitchen. So, how do we maximize this space?

Hang whatever you can. Place hooks on the ceilings and walls to hang any kitchen utensils that you can. You can even hang baskets for fruits and such. 

Our tiny house kitchen pantry, in-between beams of non-structural wall.

Our tiny house kitchen pantry, in-between beams of non-structural wall.

8. Floorboards that Open

If you live in a tiny home, then you know just how important it is to use any open space possible. With that being said, go ahead and use the space under your feet to store personal items. Having floorboards that open for storage purposes is amazing because this takes up absolutely no space from within your home. 

This idea also makes for a great space for any valuable items that you might want to keep hidden.

9. Built-In Storage In-between Studs of Home

Like mentioned earlier, living in a tiny house means using all open space. Find openings between the studs in your house and install built-in storage there in the walls. You can keep this storage opened for a more shelving option, or have it closed in with a door for hideaway storage for items like toilet cleaners, plunges, and more. 

For instance, we built a kitchen pantry in the non-structural wall separating the bathroom and kitchen area. It otherwise would be completely wasted space!

Make the Most of These Tiny House Storage Ideas 

Whether you already live in a tiny home or are planning to purchase one, these 9 tiny house storage ideas are sure to bring you success! Going tiny doesn't mean you have to give away or sell all of your cherished items, it just means getting creative and working around what you have. The most important thing to remember is that it's possible!

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