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One Man's Downsizing Journey, from 250 to 54 Square Feet

Meet Richard, a Tiny Living Addict

What happens when you are addicted to tiny living? You can't stop building and converting new structures. One man's DIY journey from 250 sq. ft. tiny house to a car camper, and finally to a 50 sq. ft. micro house, or custom camper, depending on how you look at it. Richard has always loved traveling. Downsizing to the extreme gave him the opportunity to travel full-time as a digital nomad.

Richard is an artist and graphic designer. During the build of his first tiny house on wheels, named Terraform One, he discovered his love for tiny house design. The original intention was to build an affordable home of his home. Instead of paying a 30 year mortgage, he invest in himself, his business and his passions. The ultimately kickstarted a new business, Terraform Tiny Homes. And that’s when we first met him, Spring 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

Terraform started as an attempt to live a sustainable life financially, emotionally, and environmentally…Whether you’re looking to design a complete tiny house, need some advice on simplifying, or want to convert your car for an amazing road trip, Terraform Tiny Homes is here to help.

Inside Terraform One

Inside Terraform One

Just months after moving into “Terraform One”, he converted his Honda Element into a stealth camper. The plan was to travel the country, in search of new place to call home and a place to park his tiny home. Through his five-month road trip, he fell in love with nomadic living. As a result, he decided that he wanted a home on wheels that would allow him to travel more freely.

That’s when Richard started his next build. He upsized from the Element into a relatively luxurious 54 sq. ft. off-grid micro house. It combines the best of tiny house living and car camping. At 6’ wide, 10’ long and less than 9’ high, it can easily be towed by most small SUVs and fit in virtually any driveway. When we ran into Richard for the second time, he had just finished “Terraform 3”, and he was itching to hit the road.

Through all of his simply living experience, Richard has become a minimalist travel guru who loves intimately experiencing new places and people. He’s downsized again. Currently he’s hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with a backpack—currently over 265 miles traveled by foot.

Richard proves that home is wherever you make it.

They say if you don’t work hard...you’ll end up living in a van down by the river. Well, I have two profitable businesses and still ended up living under a bridge by the river.
— Richard Ward, Terraform Tiny Homes

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-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition