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Mobile Power Station + Foldable Solar Panels Perfect for Travel

Easy Power on the Go, A Nomad’s Dream

In our latest Tiny Stuff product review series, we showcase an unboxing and review of EcoFlow River Mobile Power Station and PowerFilm Foldable Solar Panel*. We filmed most from our tiny house while boondocking at BLM campsites in New Mexico and Utah.

The River is a 500-watt solar generator and mobile power station that can simultaneously power up 11 devices, silently, from a sleek 12 lbs. unit. The PowerFilm 60-watt foldable solar panel is easy to care and super durable—under half a pound! For easy recharging the panel can be placed or hung on the top of your car, a rock or on the side of your tiny home. These products are easy to use, and convenient when there’s limited access to power or when completely off-grid. Now available as a bundle deal.

To see in-use, watch the review video above.

We've been very pleased with them while boondocking. And on occasion, Christian has been known to shave his beard outdoors with the help of the River. Keeps the hairy mess out of the tiny house!

In short, both products, especially when used together, are excellent for power on the go, simple off-grid living and backup power needs.

You may have seen a much cheaper power station with jump stater that has some similar capability to the River. We own and have frequently used, before receiving our new gifted gear.

While much less expensive, you get what you pay for. The significant advantage of the River is its power capacity. You can power/charge more things for much longer. Importantly, it features the solar charging capability for off grid charging, unlike the jump starter battery system. Further, we go two full days without charging the River, while using it for a wide array of devices and appliance. In stark contrast, the jump starter works for less than half the time with considerably less usage.

Do you have experience with mobile power and mobile charging? Share your favorite products in the comments below.

-Alexis and Christian, founders of Tiny House Expedition

*We were given these products, but not paid to review.