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Energy Saving Tiny House Built by Baltimore Students

CivicWorks Tiny Homes Making a Difference

Fact: tiny houses make you smile. And that’s exactly what’s happening at Civic Works Tiny Homes, a training program for Baltimore youth. They built the incredible Clifton, a 200-square-foot tiny house on wheels. It features more than a dozen environmentally-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, including rain catchment system, a “pedal generator”, a cool roof and a solar-powered ventilator.

Simple, sustainable and lovely.

The young builders in training work under the guidance of trained professionals to build tiny homes to RVIA certification standards, making financing and insurance easy and affordable. They plan to produce four different models of affordable tiny homes for people to choose from while integrating design requests from the community.

The Clifton currently serves as Civic Works Tiny Homes model tiny home and as the city of Baltimore’s mobile energy education center. You can find it parked next to the Clifton a historic mansion, which is now Civic Works HQ.

For over 20 years, Civic Works has pioneered community engagement tools via education initiatives, skills development, and service. Investing in their hometown and helping all residents achieve a higher quality of life. And now through their YouthBuild program, Baltimore’s youth are being given a significant opportunity to learn construction skills and professional development basics, while earning a GED.

The Cliftons

The Cliftons

When we set out to travel across North America almost 4 years ago, we planned to share stories about people and grassroots projects inside the tiny house movement, especially those making a positive impact in their community. That’s just what Civic Works Tiny Homes is doing in Baltimore. They are providing valuable training to YouthBuild participants and promoting sustainable, affordable housing. The city is slowly working with them to pre-approve tiny home designs that could be used as infill on the city’s many vacant lots or possibly in a pocket neighborhood.

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-Alexis & Christian, co-founders of Tiny House Expedition