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Reading Mean Comments from our Top Tiny House Tour

Mean & Odd Tiny House Comments

Our most popular tiny house tour inspires much love and meanness. Important note: of the thousands of comments, most are full of admiration, but also there is a whole-lotta judgmental commentary. And of all our tours, this by far has the most professions of love and marriage proposals—both sweet and creepy! Christian and I had way too much reading many of these comments from our tiny house couch while throwing back a few drinks.  

The video in question is the Off-Grid Tiny House TOUR: Fy Nyth Nestled in Wyoming Mountains. It is home to our dear friend, Ariel. She is a badass, independent woman. Her homesteading and budgeting skills are seriously impressive. In less than four years, Ariel paid off her $90,000 Tumbleweed Tiny House, while working as a waitress and doing odd jobs, like shoveling snow off of roofs. Yes, to the disbelief of many-a-male-commenter, she shovels a tremendous amount of snow, all by herself. Man, I wish I was in as good as shape as Ariel! For more about her off-grid tiny home life, check her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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Our intention with this video is to make light of the abundant rude and odd comments. Through a bit of fun, we hope to shed a little light on the misconceptions about tiny house living. Having a sense of humor is important to us, especially about things that we don’t agree with. Some of our viewers found Christian’s statement t-shirt a bit controversial. It reads “Smash the Patriarchy.” For us it means, changing the social systems that put men above women, so woman and men can be treated as equals. It is not about political affiliations. It’s about respecting women.

Watch the tour everyone’s talking about:

An in-depth tour of Ariel McGlothin's off-grid tiny house lifestyle in the mountains of western Wyoming. CAUTION: Your fantasy bubble may be burst! This is a REAL-world view of what it takes to run a tiny, off-grid homestead.

Why Ariel loves her off-grid, homesteading lifestyle:

Inspiring interview and a glimpse into Ariel's off-grid tiny home life in the mountains of Wyoming. Home means a cozy space of her own, the gorgeous Wyoming landscape and her freedom to live life to the fullest, her own way.

Ariel’s Van Conversion, an Off-Grid Lifestyle Tool & Adventure-mobile

Ariel's converted her Astro Van into a delightfully simple and functional adventure mobile. This is her second (tinier) home/camper van, perfect for her wildlife photography adventures across the mountains of Wyoming. It also serves as an essential lifestyle tool for Ariel's off grid tiny house on wheels nestled in the woods, outside the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

-Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition