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Design Weekend Anchorage: Presentation & Workshop

Design Weekend Anchorage

Exploring the ways design makes our lives more livable, from products to buildings to ideas.

Design Weekend is for everyone interested in creative ways of thinking, making and building community. Tiny House Expedition is pleased to participate in this dynamic event challenging attendees to rethink housing and redefine home. 

Join us for Saturday's session: SPOOR

Everyone needs a place to call home. “Spoor” focuses on the various types of housing in a local and global context. From the Tiny House movement to inventive mega-housing projects, designers are exploring new typology and techniques that residents call home.


SPOOR Saturday:

  • DESIGN FAIR: Featuring international design and local makers

  • SHARED COMMONS: Anchorage as a Resilient Community and Design for Equity

  • Special evening BIG/SMALL celebration

  • Workshops and discussions about living small, living sustainably, mobility, and materials

  • Afternoon Presenters: Alexis and Christian Stephens of Tiny House Expedition (details below)

Presentation: How the Tiny House Movement is Revolutionizing Home & Housing

Workshop: Making Home - an interactive exploration of how the tiny house movement is creating equity, resilient communities, and meaningful lifestyles.

Happening in Anchorage September 22-24, with the Anchorage Museum as the hub, Design Weekend Anchorage 2017 highlights distinct local materials, voices, images and ideas, Northern identity, and great design.