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Valentine's Day Tiny House Tour and Concert

A Romantic Valentine’s Day Treat for the Tiny Home Lover

What could be better than spending Valentine's Day under the stars in Ojai, CA with sweet soulful tunes in the evening, and a tiny house tour in the afternoon? The illustrious Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design is teaming up with an uber-talented Ella Dawn Jenkins to bring you this special event! 💗💗💗

Tickets sold seperately for tour and concert. This will be at a beautiful private residence; space is limited. Book your tickets early.


Ella Dawn Jenkins is a tiny house dweller who built her own tiny house many years ago, lovingly called Little Yellow. She lives in the SF Bay area and has been performing and traveling with her harp in different parts of the country. Ella can tell you the story of how (and why) she custom designed her harp when you see her perform.


Vina Lustado is the founder/owner of Sol Haus Design, a design firm specializing in sustainable building in Ojai, California. After more than 20 years experience with high-end corporate clients, Vina has decided to focus her career on smaller-scale projects that could make a positive difference. Staying true to her values, Vina has completed the design and construction of her off-the-grid, dream home in 140 square feet. She has also been a leading tiny house advocate in Ojai and Ventura County for three years, trying to create legal acceptance for tiny homes. Hear more about Vina’s advocacy in our film, Living Tiny Legally Part 1.

A look at Vina’s tiny home and her advocacy work in Ojai, CA.