Step inside our home...

A tour of our hand-crafted tiny house on wheels (THOW). We built it about 80% ourselves, over 9 months. We great help from friends, sponsors & mentorship from Perch & Nest, a tiny house and cottage company. Our house features many salvaged, reclaimed & repurposed materials. Everything in our tiny home has a story!

What we love about our house is how its tailored specifically for us. The beauty of consciously simplifying is getting down to the essence of who you are, what you really love and really need.
— Alexis, Interview with the Huffington Post

Like stepping into a perfectly cozy pair of our favorite boots, our tiny home is the perfect reflection of our personalities and style, eclectic & rustic. Living minimally does not mean depriving yourself. We are surrounded by the things we most love and cherish or need.

The tiny living experience reveals & celebrates the essence of who you are. Less truly is more.