Tiny house community showcase, pop-up park & party 

A  beautiful day of community!  Approximately 3,000 folks came out to celebrate home, community, the completion of our tiny house on wheels, and the start of our expedition. We temporarily transformed a private green space in downtown Winston-Salem, NC into a tiny house community, featuring three tiny houses (two on wheels and one container house). The event was free and open to the public.

The BIG idea: experiencing in-person is believing.

And no matter how open minded someone or a local official might seem, it can be mind-boggling for them consider having a tiny house in their neighborhood. While others are thrilled to welcome them. There’s nothing like experiencing a tiny house in-person to appreciate the possibilities of small space design and better understand how this could be a quality home for many, if not yourself. Tiny house exhibits are proven as an effective advocacy tool for garnering legal and social acceptance.

Tiny House Expedition on the Green a tiny house community showcase, pop-up park & party in downtown Winston-Salem, NC 6/20/15

Key Goals:

  • Engage & inspire local citizens through tiny housing display, interactive exhibits & though-provoking conversation. Spotlight on an innovative, fill-in-the-gaps affordable, sustainable housing solution.

  • Entertain! Food trucks, live music & kids activities.

  • Celebrate happy, healthy, sustainable community. Promote positive community building & involvement.

Event featured on Triad Arts by WFDD, listen here.

Focus on art, innovation + happy, healthy, sustainable community.

On-going, all-day rad happenings included:

Tiny House Expedition on the Green. Raffle winners and event wrap up.