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With more and more people living tiny, the need for parking is at all time high. The desire for community living is on the rise too. Across the nation, more than a dozen cities have become officially tiny-home friendly and communities of tiny homes are cropping up, of varying legal status—everything from intimate backyard co-ops and eco-villages to resort style developments.

Tiny house communities come in several different types, each catering to a different crowd and addressing a different need. Some attract retirees looking to trade in square footage for free time. Others are experiments in how to address the affordable housing crunch. Explore the tiny home communities that we have visited in our in-person exploration of the movement. As you'll see, there are a wide variety approaches and models. The most common is the informal backyard community with a main house and one to two tiny homes. There could be one in your neighborhood!

7 Insights into Tiny House Community Life

After visiting over 17 tiny house communities we have learned that there's much more to tiny living than minimalism. It's a total rethink of daily life and what it means to be a neighbor.

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Which Tiny House Community is Right for You?

DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC

DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC

As the tiny house movement gains momentum, states and cities are updating their codes to make it easier to build—and live in—tiny homes. As a result, entire communities of tiny homes are on the rise. There are now more than 50, by our count. Tiny home communities come in several different types.

By our count, there are now 50-plus tiny home communities from coast to coast, and that’s only the beginning. This breakdown of the types of communities, explored during our travels, out there will help you zero in on the right spot for you.


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Orlando Lakefront at College Park, A RV & Tiny House Community

Orlando Lakefront at College Park, A RV & Tiny House Community

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New Communities

what's in the works

The Village on 13th

First Tiny House Community for Veterans to Open in Maricopa County, AZ

I always dreamt of building a community-inspired urban village, and I’m thrilled to see this project taking root in Phoenix. We couldn’t have selected a more welcoming city for V13, and I’m excited to see this growing community bring more awareness for the need for more affordable housing for our Veterans.
— Elizabeth Singleton, founder of Build Us HOPE

The Village on 13th, aka V13, is a permanent tiny house village created to veterans in need of housing. It features three solar-powered micro homes with communal spaces and support services. It was developed by nonprofit Build us H.O.P.E, assisted by GreenLight Solutions, ASU Epic’s and Linderoth Associates, and made possible by a large donation from the Desert Foothills Community Association and other community project partners. Celebrate the grand opening of the first-ever Veteran’s tiny house community in Maricopa County on September 29-30. Enjoy refreshments, live music from DJ Private, prizes, and of course, take a peek inside of these unique homes.

Build us H.O.P.E is currently working on other community developments across Arizona. They are a long-term, permanent community-based housing programs that will provide supportive service those in need of affordable housing and/or those in need of supportive services, with a focus on seriously mentally Ill (SMI), disabled, chronically homeless, and veterans.

Tiny House Leadville

Mountain Living at 10,152 ft

Mineral Belt Trail 1.6 mile all-season non-motorized ADA accessible Loop Trail Wraps around Leadville

Mineral Belt Trail 1.6 mile all-season non-motorized ADA accessible Loop Trail Wraps around Leadville

We have fallen in love with Leadville, CO! The outdoor lovers paradise with a charming, historic downtown to boot. It is the highest city in US, so that's makes Tiny House Leadville the highest tiny house community in the US.

It is an RV park converting to a tiny house community. They offer long-term parking spots and short-term rentals. The spots are tight, but there's a plan to expand the location to offer more space for parking, gear and snow removal. It's located right on the edge of the charming, historic downtown Leadville. Mountain views are everywhere and gorgeous. Restaurants, shops, bars, dispensary and trails are all within walking distance. There's also a nearby ski mountain. We're in love.

Search Tiny House Villages

Find Parking & Your Ideal Community

A village can be anything as small as a household that wishes to share there land to a few hundred people sharing land, resources and time with one another. There is a solution out there for everyone.

If your looking for community to join, it can be very challenging to find without spending countless hours of web searches and networking with tiny house groups. DIY tiny house dweller and community enthusiast, Jill Kanto wants to make your search for the ideal tiny home community easier. She just launched her new site, Search Tiny House Villages.

This brand new site is the social solution to tiny house parking and intended as educational resource for anyone wanting to create their own community. Jill has a list of over 200 villages, which you peruse via a comprehensive search function with over 30 filterable fields, including location, amenities and cultural factors. The site is free to use and anyone is welcome to add villages and tiny house friendly places. Jill describes the intention behind her site as way to connect fellow tiny housers and play matchmaker, like a mix of eHarmony and Zillow. In the future, Jill plans to offer free mini-websites for tiny house communities and more educational tools. Finding and creating a tiny house village just got much more accessible. We personally plan to contribute to Search Tiny House Villages, and hope all of you will participate too. Together we can help each other find our ideal tiny house parking spot.

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village NOW has a Building Permit!

The First Community Development to Utilize the IRC Tiny House Appendix for Moveable Tiny Houses

An urban tiny house pocket neighborhood is a dream come true for many in the movement. Not everyone can be a digital nomad. That’s why proximity to jobs is still necessary for many tiny home dwellers. Most existing tiny house communities are rural or located in hybrid RV parks, not everyone’s cup of tea. The planned Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village offers a desirable opportunity for those looking for an urban living experience, with the benefits of a small town. It’s just outside of the major Dallas metroplex. The anticipated opening is Spring 2019. A few spots are still available!

New East Coast Tiny House Resort Community

Tiny Estates in Elizabethtown, PA

Tiny Estates is a tiny house resort community in Elizabethtown, PA. It features short-term tiny house rentals and long-term lot rentals– bring your own tiny home on wheels. Guests can currently choose from 14 nightly rentals, each distinct, varying in size, layout and style. If CEO, Abby Hobson so chooses, there could ultimately be up to 100 tiny houses at Tiny Estates, with 10% reserved for full-timers and handful set aside for those traveling through, like us. We recently pulled in with our tiny home on wheels for a week-long stay. Our first impression: how beautiful! It is set on a large wooded lot with gentle rolling hills, well manicured lawns and two ponds, complete with ducks and a family of geese. The individual tiny house lots are sizeable, by RV park standards, and are skewed from one another. There is an overall quaint village feel, emphasized by the community spaces with fire rings, grills, picnic tables, hot tubs and outdoor games like corn-hole and giant Jenga. I was blown away by how near the surrounding neighborhood is to Tiny Estates. It’s practically a pocket neighborhood, while still retaining a semi-secluded feel.

During our east coast tiny house travels this past spring, we temporarily joined 3 very different tiny house communities, including Tiny Estates. Watch to see an inside look to community life:

Our latest tiny house travels have taken us from NC, VA, MD, PA and DC. We temporarily joined 3 very different tiny house communities...

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Escalante Village Clears BIG Approval Hurdle

A Planned Riverfront Tiny Home Community in Durango, CO

It’s official- we are approved!! Last night Durango City Council voted unanimously in favor of approving the first tiny home community in Durango. Let’s do this!!
— Escalante Village developers, 9/19/2018

If Escalante Village is the 2nd fully legal urban moveable tiny house community not in an RV park. The developers goal is open in Spring of 2019. There will be 24 total spots, 6 for long-term rentals and 18 available for lot lease. Reservation applications are now available! Important note: your tiny home must be approved by the City of Durango Building Department and will require an architectural design approval by the development. Anticipated grand opening: Spring 2019.

Mega Tiny Home Communities Coming to Austin Area

Luxury Living or Value-Packed Community Experience?

Constellation ATX

Constellation ATX

The estimated cost of community living will begin at $725-1,100 for monthly lot rent, which is around the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Austin. Add on the purchase of your own Kasita or Sprout Tiny Home model. Are the expansive amenities and close proximity to downtown Austin worth the cost?  For Kasita CEO Jeff Wilson, the answer is yes:

We are proud to announce a partnership to create a new model of home ownership – without the land. Think about it someplace between renting and owning while living a lifestyle that is green, minimal, and community-centric.

Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

Llamalopolis in downtown Las vegas

Tiny Home Community Variables:

  • Intended only for moveable tiny houses, aka tiny house on wheels, but often a combination of THOWs and tiny houses on foundation, park models & RVs

  • Include DIY built tiny homes and/or professionally built & manufactured

  • Rentals—offers lot rentals and/or a selection of tiny house rentals (short or long term)

  • Created for those who've made a lifestyle choice

  • Created for low-income housing, including full-time, part-time and/or transitional housing

  • Legal status— permitted and zoned specifically for tiny houses, zoned for RVs, sanctioned by the city as pilot project or under the radar. See our docu-series Living Tiny Legally to learn more.

Explore our tiny home community playlist and gallery, and get INSPIRED!